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Spices & Mustards

Habanero pepper sauce FOUDRE  100 ml
In Stock
9.50 EUR
An intensely fiery sauce with lively fruity aromas.
HEGOA gorria hot sauce 100 ml
In Stock
9.50 EUR
Mild Gorria chilli sauce with the flavours of the Basque Country.
Colombo spices 60g
In Stock
7.30 EUR
Ideal for the traditional dish that bears its name, this blend of spices creates a seasoning with a unique flavour.
Guacamole spices
In Stock
7.55 EUR
The perfect blend of spices for a traditional Mexican guacamole!
Trapper's blend
In Stock
11.25 EUR
It enhances all your dishes with spicy, sweet and savoury notes for a perfect balance.
French cayenne pepper
In Stock
9.80 EUR
A fiercely hot chilli to give your dishes a boost.
French Piment Pili Pili
In Stock
11.20 EUR
A very hot pepper with light fruity notes, ideal for infusing your dishes.
Bear's garlic persillade
In Stock
6.90 EUR
Add an original touch to all your dishes with this persillade seasoned with wild garlic.
French Provencal Herbs
In Stock
8.50 EUR
A blend of aromatic plants grown under the Mediterranean sun. Ideal for adding a Provenšal touch to your dishes.
The 5 bourbon peppers
In Stock
8.90 EUR
An exclusive blend of Malagasy peppers and berries. Ideal for a lightly spicy seasoning with fruity and woody flavours.
Bear's garlic flower of salt
In Stock
9.60 EUR
Opt for a fine seasoning that will enhance your dishes with this wild garlic salt flower.
Aborginals Spice Blend - 40g
In Stock
10.30 EUR
Treat yourself to a true culinary journey with this aboriginal blend, to season your meat and fish.

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