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Cleaning Tools

Pit Boss Grease Bucket
10.90 EUR
In Stock
Pit Boss Steel bucket with wire handle. Hangs from all Pit Boss models.
Pit Boss Soft Touch Extended Cleaning Brush
11.99 EUR
In Stock
Designed with an extended length handle, this brush makes it easy to scrub all the hard-to-reach places in your grill. 
LG Palmyra Cleaning Brush
34.99 EUR
In Stock
Designed with natural, durable, water and heat resistant fibers, this brush has an elongated handle to easily scrub all the hard to reach areas of your grill
LG Palmyra Cleaning Replacement Head
8.99 EUR
In Stock
Simply replace the Louisiana Grills Palmyra cleaning brush head
Pit Boss Foil Liners x 6
7.99 EUR
In Stock
Grease bucket liners protect your investment by lining the interior of your grease bucket
Pellets Grill Drip Pans x3
6.50 EUR
In Stock
Set of 3 aluminum trays for the recovery of cooking juices in your Crown and Regal Broil King pellet grill.
Stainless Steel Grill Cleaner & Polish
16.95 EUR
In Stock
Easily maintain stainless steel parts with this cleaning spray.
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