Pit Boss & Louisana Pellets Grills
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Side Smoker for Navigator Models
179.00 EUR
(-16.76%) 149.00 EUR
In Stock
Add this side smoker to your Pit Boss Navigator pellet grill for smoking meat, fish or cheese
Pit Boss Butcher Paper
39.95 EUR
In Stock
45cm width x 45m length
This high-quality wrapping paper is excellent for sealing in juices and creating a crispy outer layer during cooking

Pit Boss Expandable Tube Smoker
19.99 EUR
In Stock
Lightweight, durable, and portable smoke generator, that produces an excellent quality smoke for cold and hot smoking
27.99 EUR
In Stock
For use with the PROᴹᴰ, Prestige and Rogue series grils, this stainless steel wood chip box replaces the gril burner plates. 
Pit Boss Rapid Release Charcoal Starter
43.90 EUR
In Stock
The Pit Boss Charcoal Starter with Rapid Release will have your coals burning hot in a matter of minutes!
Louisina Grills Cold Smoke Cabinet
495.00 EUR
In Stock
Let’s talk upgrades. Built from steel and designed to last, the Louisiana Grills Cold Smoke Cabinet can easily be installed to your LG Series grill (LG700/900/1100)
Pit Boss Foil Liners x 6
7.99 EUR
In Stock
Grease bucket liners protect your investment by lining the interior of your grease bucket
Pit Boss T-Shirt, Grey Heather-Mens
24.99 EUR
In Stock
Take the bull by the horns in this Pit Boss Bull T-shirt !
Snapback Hat - Black -Pit Boss Nation
19.99 EUR
In Stock
The sleek black and grey finish allows you to match this Richardson® hat with pretty much everything
Pit Boss 2 Advanced Meat Probes
29.99 EUR
In Stock
Pit Boss meat probe two pack. 6" probe with 48" high heat woven wire.
Compatible to Pit Boss grills and smokers with digital control meat probe capability.