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Grilling Tools

Pit Boss Butcher Paper
39.95 EUR
In Stock
45cm width x 45m length
This high-quality wrapping paper is excellent for sealing in juices and creating a crispy outer layer during cooking

Looftlighter Charcoal Igniter
54.90 EUR
In Stock
With the Looflighter, use high temperature to ignite charcoal without the need for lighter fluid.
Pit Boss Expandable Tube Smoker
19.99 EUR
In Stock
Lightweight, durable, and portable smoke generator, that produces an excellent quality smoke for cold and hot smoking
Pit Boss Soft Touch 3 Piece Tool Set
49.99 EUR
In Stock
This handy set includes one pair of locking tongs, one slotted spatula, and one silicone basting brush
Pit Boss Soft Touch Spatula
11.99 EUR
In Stock
The Pit Boss Soft Touch Spatula has a heavy-duty stainless body and soft-touch handle for long-lasting, comfortable use.
Pit Boss Soft Touch Big Head Spatula
14.99 EUR
In Stock
Pit Boss Grills Big Head Spatula is the ultimate cooking tool for your flipping and lifting needs.
Pit Boss Soft Touch All In One Tool
14.99 EUR
In Stock
The innovative design of  the Pit Boss Soft Touch All-In-One Tool features a stainless-steel spatula and tong combined.
Pit Boss Soft Touch Pig Tail
9.99 EUR
In Stock
Flip and grip your food like a pro with the Pit Boss BBQ Pig Tail.
Pit Boss Soft Touch Extended Cleaning Brush
11.99 EUR
In Stock
Designed with an extended length handle, this brush makes it easy to scrub all the hard-to-reach places in your grill. 
Grill Glove
11.99 EUR
In Stock
Cotton and silicone protective glove for barbecues, smokers, grills, braziers, etc ...
Louisiana Grills Premium 3 Piece Tool Set
99.98 EUR
In Stock
Elevate your cooking with Louisiana Grills Pemium Three-Piece Toolset
Pit Boss Remote Grill Thermometer
49.90 EUR
Discontinued Product
Pit Boss Digital Wireless Thermometer is the smart choice for remotely monitoring your grill or smoker.