Martin Box - 3 bottles Sirocco, Foudre, Mistral

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Boxed set of three Martin hot sauces with three degrees of spiciness. Comprising a herb sauce, a smoked chilli sauce and a hot sauce, this set is ideal for testing your limits!
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Hot sauce in three iconic recipes:

This boxed set of 3 hot sauces from Martin is ideal as a gift, or for making new culinary discoveries. It allows you to discover different intensities of chilli, to be tried in a wide range of recipes. It comes in three 100g glass bottles.

Mistral chilli sauce:

Rich in herbs, this 4/12 grade hot sauce is spiced up with aromatic herbs such as oregano and rosemary.
It goes perfectly with tomato sauce-based dishes, pizzas and pasta, as well as meat and fish. 

Sirocco hot pepper sauce:

This smoked chilli hot sauce has an intensity of 7/12. Its smoky flavour adds interesting notes to your dishes as well as spicing them up.
It goes perfectly with barbecued meats and grilled vegetables. 

Foudre hot sauce: 

Foudre hot sauce has an intense spiciness, rated 9/12.
Its fruity flavours and versatility will win you over, adding a spicy touch to your meat, fish, pasta, vegetables and sauces.
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