ZEPHYR sweet smoked chilli sauce 100 ml

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Sweet and smoky, Zephyr sauce is the perfect balance between barbecue sauce and hot sauce.
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The perfect combination of a hot sauce & a barbecue sauce

Zephyr sauce is perfect for those who want to spice up their dishes in moderation. Its subtle notes of smoked chilli and spices make it a sauce with a unique flavour, halfway between a hot sauce and a barbecue sauce. Its flavours go well with all kinds of dishes. This hot sauce goes very well with vegetables, grilled meats, burgers, fajitas and many other recipes.

A hot sauce made in France

Zephyr sauce, like all Martin sauces, is made in France from locally-grown chillies. 

Ingredients: Fresh chilli (42%), water, vinegar, tomato purée, garlic, sugar, salt, smoked chilli powder (0.6%), spices, stabiliser: natural vegetable Xanthan gum.

It has an intensity of 4/12, for around 15,000 SHU on the Scoville scale.

Contents: 100g.

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