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Medium BIG GREEN EGG Kamado

Medium BIG GREEN EGG Kamado
1,450.00 EUR
In Stock
The Kamado Big Green Egg Medium, an exceptional cooking appliance for convivial meals with friends and family.
The Big Green Egg, an iconic cooking appliance designed to last a lifetime.
Medium BIG GREEN EGG IntEGGrated Nest
400.00 EUR
In Stock
Move your Big Green Egg safely.
Medium & Smal BIG GREEN EGG Table Nest
60.00 EUR
In Stock
The table nest, essential to put your Egg.
140.00 EUR
In Stock
Turn your Big Green Egg into a true convection oven with the ConvEGGtor.

Medium with Nest BIG GREEN EGG Cover
150.00 EUR
In Stock
Protect your Kamado Big Green Egg all year round with the appropriate cover.
Medium BIG GREEN EGG ConveEGGtor Basket
85.00 EUR
Multifunction the convEGGtor basket, the essential of your Big Green Egg.
Medium BIG GREEN EGG Cast Iron Grid
95.00 EUR
In Stock
The cast iron grill gives your food an irresistible grilled taste and beautiful diamond shapes on your vegetables, meats and poultry.
Medium / Small / MiniMax BIG GREEN EGG 31cm Baking Stone
89.00 EUR
In Stock
With the Big Green Egg cooking stone, your Kamado becomes a bread oven.
Medium & Large BIG GREEN EGG Ash Tool
45.00 EUR
In Stock
2 functions for this BIG GREEN EGG ash scraper.
M/MX/S BIG GREEN EGG Disposable Drip Pans (5 pieces)
15.00 EUR
In Stock
Protect your BIG GREEN EGG with these disposable trays.
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