Medium / Small / MiniMax BIG GREEN EGG 31cm Baking Stone

(Code: BGE-401007)
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With the Big Green Egg cooking stone, your Kamado becomes a bread oven.
89.00 EUR
Make delicious pizzas yourself with the Big Green Egg baking stone.

The slate from which the stone is made is resistant to high temperatures.

Because the material is porous, moisture is extracted from the pizza dough, giving you a crispy bottom.

The baking stone not only bakes pizzas, but also delicious bread and pies.

Place the pizza stone on your cold Big Green Egg and let the stone heat up along with the grill to prevent it from bursting.

BIG GREEN EGG M / S / MiniMax compatible
Material: stone (slate)
Diameter: 31 cm
Weight: 2,7 kg
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