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Pit Boss All Purpose Foil Pans - 4 Pack
In Stock
6.99 EUR
From food prep to grilling, the Pit Boss All Purpose Foil Pans are a must have.

Stainless Steel Marinade Injector
In Stock
29.99 EUR
Discover the stainless steel pickling syringe from Napoleon to make your food even tastier. 
In Stock
54.90 EUR
Napoleon's digital wireless thermometer shows you how long it takes to cook, and when your food is done. With a range of 61 metres, temperatures are available in 4 different languages.
Napoleon Charcoal Gril Rotisserie Kit
In Stock
190.00 EUR
Napoleon charcoal gril roaster with two forks, four tines and a powerful motor for cooking roasts and chickens up to 5.5 kg
Rotisserie Kit for Rogue Napoleon Series Grills
In Stock
184.90 EUR
Compatible with the compact Rogue® 365 or 425 gril, but also with a large Rogue® 525 gril.
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