Start'N'Grill Connected Charcoal Barbecue with automatic ignition

(Code: SNG-ONE+2.0)
Discontinued Product
Rediscover the authenticity of the charcoal grill with the SNG-ONE+2.0 connected to automatic ignition, revolutionary and innovative brand Start'n'Grill, French company.
649.00 EUR
499.00 EUR
  1. Rediscover the taste of authenticity with this Start'n'Grill connected charcoal grill, very easy to use thanks to its automatic ignition.

    Light your grill remotely with your smartphone without any effort thanks to the Start'n'Grill application. The Start'N'Grill application is available for download on Google Play or Apple Store.

    The ignition is done by simply blowing hot air directly onto the coal at the entrance of the steel tank.

    This ignition process, in addition to its obvious comfort, is therefore environmentally friendly and economical, requiring no toxic products to facilitate ignition. There will be no residue of these harmful products that will be deposited on the food during the cooking process.

    The BBQ is equipped with a large, sturdy work surface to place all your dishes and preparations, a utensil holder that allows you to hang up to 4 utensils, a low shelf under the BBQ to store a bag of charcoal and a bottle opener.

    Its advantages

    - Its suspended charcoal tray allows it to consume 40% less charcoal than a traditional grill.
    - Environmentally friendly and economical ignition process.

    The SNG-ONE+2.0's advantages

    - 1 220Volt socket to connect a rotisserie or an electric knife. (or your lawnmower or whatever you want)

    - 2 integrated USB ports for guests who don't want to be away from their laptop or to charge any object such as a connected speaker to animate your BBQ.

    -1 griddle very practical for cooking vegetables, fish and seafood. The cooking retains the same properties as cooking directly on the grill. You can use the grill either in 100% grill mode or in 50% grill 50% griddle mode.

    - 1 led USB lamp to light the cooking surface (rather than lighting with your phone in one hand and the tongs in the other)

    - 5 meter cable reel because not everyone is lucky enough to have an outlet in his garden.

    - Ultra-resistant protective cover so that it is always safe.

  2. #Feautures#
    - Easy to clean 
    - L 109cm x W 54.5cm x H 98.5cm 
    - Cooking height 81cm 
    - Stainless steel cooking grid 49 x 34.5cm 
    - Stainless steel warming rack 42 x 20.5cm 
    - Hanging charcoal tray 43.8 x 30.3cm in galvanized steel 
    - Lid L54 x W38.5 x H18cm in galvanized steel
    - Galvanized steel tank L54 x W38.5 x H23 cm
    - Ash tray L53 x W38.1 x H2.3cm stainless steel 
    - Worktop 32 x 47.6cm stainless steel 
    - 2 black plastic wheels 
    - 3 panels and 2 doors in galvanized steel
    - Automatic ignition box (SNG Box)
    - 40 kg 

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