Stainless Steel Wood Stove 49,5 x 36cm

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The Granulix outdoor heater is the essential accessory for a moment of sharing around a warm flame. It provides excellent heat diffusion without creating smoke, for remarkable comfort of use.
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Enjoy warm outdoor moments in summer and winter with this Granulix outdoor heater.

This outdoor heater lets you warm up around a comforting flame and spend pleasant moments with loved ones over hot chocolate in winter, or tasty kebabs in summer. 

An outdoor heater with innovative technology: 

It provides plenty of warmth for long hours of heating. Made from stainless steel, this outdoor heater is double-walled to maximize airflow and the combustion process. Its bottom vents allow oxygen to feed the fire from below, while hot air passes between the stove walls and is blown over the fire. The fine particles released by the flame are burnt off by the upper vents, so no smoke is created.

An outdoor heater with many advantages:

Granulix outdoor heaters produce no smoke, for optimum comfort of use! It can be fired with either pellets or wood. However, we recommend pellets for longer combustion. Its compact design makes it easy to transport when hiking, visiting friends, making a campfire on the beach, or placing it on a terrace or in a garden. Its simple structure requires no assembly for remarkable ease of use. Its modern, on-trend design easily invites itself into your outdoors for a warm atmosphere and comforting warmth. Its stainless steel structure makes it extremely resistant and durable over time.

How do I use this pellet and wood-fired outdoor heater?

Start by placing your heater on a flat surface, away from flammable objects. Then place pellets half-way up the tank, light the pellets with a fire starter or flammable liquid and your heater is ready! Outdoor heaters produce a little smoke at start-up. Then, the ventilation system recycles the air to feed your fireplace throughout the combustion process, ensuring heating for several hours.

How does this portable outdoor heater work?

During combustion, fresh air enters through the lower vents to feed the firebox, then passes between the two layers of stainless steel to be heated. With fresh air entering through the lower vents, the fire receives a constant supply of oxygen, ensuring good combustion and a long-lasting flame.
The ash pan in the structure is raised to contain embers and coal so as not to obstruct the air flow. It also protects the surface beneath.
The base plate on which you place your fuel ensures a continuous supply of air to the fire, while allowing spent ash to settle in the ash pan. This ensures that all the fuel is used. Because more oxygen can reach the fuel, pellets and wood are burned more efficiently than in traditional braziers and outdoor heaters.
Double combustion is created by air passing through the double wall to be heated and then expelled above the fire. This creates a second fire that burns off the small wood particles that would normally have turned to smoke. The upper vents create the desired flame, without producing smoke!

This outdoor pellet and wood heater is 49.5 cm high and 36 cm in diameter.

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