Seat cushion for Petromax kx50 icebox

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Cushion with ripstop cover and snaps for the passive icebox kx50
49.99 EUR
With the Petromax kx50 Compact Icebox Seat Cushion, your ultra-passive cooling system turns into a seat, usable anywhere.

The cushion is covered with a robust ripstop fabric.

The 4-point push-button system allows you to quickly attach and detach the Seat Cushion.

Instructions for attaching the Seat Cushion to the Icebox

Tools needed: Tournevis

1. First clean the four recesses in the kx50 lid and dry them thoroughly.
2. Screw the supplied counter-buttons into the recesses of the icebox lid. The knobs should only be tightened by hand to avoid crushing or damaging the rubber seals of the kx50.
3. Place the Seat Cushion (mesh facing down) on the Icebox and check for alignment.
4. Connect each of the four tab snaps with the corresponding counter snaps on the Icebox.

To remove the Seat Cushion, detach the snaps from the four tabs in sequence from the side of the lid to avoid tearing them.

Technical characteristics
Easy to clean
Material (top): ripstop fabric
Material (bottom): mesh fabric
Material (inside): foam
Dimensions: (H x W x D): 5.5 x 66 x 46.5 cm
Weight: 995 g
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