Petromax hanging brazier on tripod

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Petromax cooking plate and brazier on tripod
109.99 EUR
The PETROMAX griddle and brazier allow you to cook, roast and simmer over an open fire.

Simply hang the griddle quickly and securely on the hook of your tripod with the threaded eyebolt.

Positioned over your fire, the steel reaches temperature in a flash. As a result, your meat cooks gently as it retains its juices. Choose the heat needed to suit your needs by adjusting the length of the tripod chain in relation to the fire.

As with the Petromax griddle and brazier, you have different cooking zones that allow you to grill fish in the center and gently cook or keep vegetables warm on the edge of the griddle.

Safety tip: Before using your Petromax griddle and brazier for the first time, it is important to seal it so that a patina and a natural non-stick coating can form. In addition, before each use, check that the screw connection between the cooktop and the grate is securely in place or retighten it.

Technical specifications
Material hob and brazier: steel
Material eyebolt: steel
Diameter: 56 cm
Height (total): 28.7 cm
Weight (total): 6.4 kg
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